Luckily I could have been banned for 5-10 years Shakib

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Luckily I could have been banned for 5-10 years Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan was banned from cricket last year after receiving a three-point fixing offer from a gambler but concealing it. The all-rounder was banned from all cricket activities for two years with a one-year suspension. However, Shakib thinks that this punishment could have been bigger.

Speaking to cricket website CricketBuzz, he said he had avoided the big punishment because he had given details of himself after meeting with ICC anti-corruption officials. The all-rounder, who has learned a lot from his mistakes, thinks he could get a 5-10 year ban.

He did not attach much importance to the conversation with the gambler. After realizing that mistake. Shakib said, ‘I think I took it a little too lightly (casually). Of course, I don’t want to discuss everything in detail on this platform. ‘ Forbidden.

‘Otherwise I could have been banned for 5-10 years. I think I made a foolish mistake. Because of the experience I have, the amount of international matches I’ve played and the number of anti-corruption classes I’ve had, I shouldn’t have made that mistake. I regret that.

As Shakib is a star cricketer, he came in contact with many people in various ways. The world’s best all-rounder has claimed that this is the main reason why he forgot to get an offer from a gambler.

Shakib said, ‘Look, we get thousands of phone calls, messages, how many more do you remember! To give an example, the last time that guy sent a message, I replied, ‘Sorry, who am I talking to?’ I mean, I had no idea who I was talking to. I talked to him 2-3 years ago. At that time I did not even know who the man was. I didn’t even have his number at that time. ‘

‘However, when they (ICC Anti-Corruption Division) investigated, they knew and understood the situation. But the truth is, no one should take these lightly. No one should take such a massage or call lightly or leave it like that. Anti-corruption officials should be informed if they want to stay safe. I have received this education, it is a great education. ‘ He added.

The extra self-confidence has become a nightmare for Shakib. He added, ‘Since I’ve always fixed most of the issues, sometimes that feeling can get in the way. It may seem that what will happen next. Nothing will happen. I’m not doing anything wrong. But as a scholar it is wrong. Maybe not in terms of morality, but in terms of laws or rules. Many times it is not remembered. It happened in my case. I never thought. It never occurred to me that I could make a mistake. I didn’t want to pay attention. I made that mistake. ‘

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