The fate of the Australia T20 World Cup could be decided today

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The fate of the Australia T20 World Cup could be decided today

The ICC could not reach a decision on the World Cup at the last board meeting. Despite the decision not to decide on the T20 World Cup before July, pressure is mounting on the ICC. Meanwhile, the governing body of cricket is going to hold a board meeting in a teleconference again today (Thursday).

However, there is no opportunity to discuss the future of the World Cup in today’s meeting. Who will sit in the chair of the outgoing chairman Shashank Manohar? That is why the ICC will sit in the meeting. But before sitting in the meeting, the T20 World Cup was discussed again. No country is waiting for the future of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Australia, the host country of the World Cup, has simply said that the idea of holding the World Cup in their country in October-November is ‘disbelief’. Many countries that participated in the World Cup are still in lockdown.

Meanwhile, New Zealand, which is in control of Corona, is trying to seize the opportunity. However, the ICC has not yet commented on Australia’s inability to host the World Cup in any other country.

Meanwhile, ten corona members of the Pakistan cricket team were caught pouring ghee on the rice. So the new question is, how is it possible to organize such a great sacrifice like the World Cup in this panic? The host country Australia does not want to take any risk in such a big event.

It is rumored that the board officials of three to four countries have already held secret talks among themselves, and everyone wants the final decision on the World Cup to be taken at the board meeting on Thursday without any further delay.

Meanwhile, an influential board official, who did not want to be named, said, “The Olympics have been postponed. Big events like Euro and Copa America in football have also been postponed. So why delay the Cricket World Cup?”

According to a reliable source in the media, the Indian company, which has a contract with the ICC and bought the TV rights to the World Cup, does not want to bear the brunt of the loss in such a situation. In the face of pressure from various quarters, everyone will be watching what the ICC decides on Thursday.

The talk was that the T20 World Cup will be held in Australia in 2020 and in India in 2021. If not this year, there could be two World Cups in 2021 and 2022.

2021-05-04 16:51:24

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