US passes bipartisan bill to avoid government shutdown

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US passes bipartisan bill to avoid government shutdown

United States Congressional lawmakers on Saturday passed a last-gasp budget measure to avoid a shutdown of the federal government within hours of a midnight deadline.

Republicans had so far failed to agree on a bill to continue US government spending, amid reluctance by some conservatives to send more aid to Ukraine.

After it was passed in the House of Representatives, the Democrat-majority Senate voted 88 to 9 in favor of the bill. The nine senators who voted against the bill were all Republicans. The funding bill was then sent to President Joe Biden who signed it into law.

The measure will extend government funding by 45 days.

Biden says bill ‘good news’

Biden said the bill was “good news for the American people.”

“But I want to be clear: we should have never been in this position in the first place,” he stressed. “Just a few months ago, Speaker McCarthy and I reached a budget agreement to avoid precisely this type of manufactured crisis.”

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