The WHO chief again issued a stern warning about Corona

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The WHO chief again issued a stern warning about Corona

The World Health Organization WHO has warned that the world’s epidemic of coronavirus will not be easily eradicated. The agency says there is no magical solution at the moment to deal with Covid-Nineteen; May never match.

When the whole world was crushed by the Corona epidemic. That’s when the WHO issued a new warning about the virus.

Speaking at a virtual press conference in Geneva, the head of the agency said that despite efforts to develop effective vaccines against the virus, a magical solution may never be found. And so the way back to normalcy will be long.

The World Health Organization has called on people in all parts of the world to adhere to strict rules of hygiene, including wearing masks, maintaining social distance and regular hand washing.

“Our clear message to the people and to the governments of different countries is to abide by these rules,” said Tedros Adhanam Gabrieus, head of the World Health Organization. Wearing a face mask should become a symbol of solidarity around the world.

Coronavirus has infected more than 183 million people worldwide so far. 6 lakh 95 thousand died. Many countries are struggling to cope with the second outbreak after the first outbreak.

There are about 160 vaccines in different countries around the world to fight the virus. Clinical trials of some vaccines are in the third stage. Researchers have claimed that a vaccine developed by Oxford University in the United Kingdom last month has had promising results in experimental use in humans.

2021-05-04 17:54:37

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