The death toll from the corona virus has risen to 5 hundred 93 thousand worldwide

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The death toll from the corona virus has risen to 5 hundred 93 thousand worldwide

The death toll from the global pandemic coronavirus has risen to 5 hundred 93 thousands. The international survey agency World Meter reported the information.

According to the agency, the total number of deaths in Corona worldwide is 5 hundred 93 thousand 521 people. 1 crore 39 hundred 6 thousand 314 people have been affected. Besides, 63 hundred 11 thousand 81 people have recovered.

The virus, which has spread from China, has so far infected 213 countries and territories around the world.

The United States still tops the world in terms of both the number of victims and the number of deaths. So far, a total of 36 hundred 96 thousand 316 people have been affected by corona in the country. Of these, 1 hundred 41 thousand 143 people have died.

The Latin American country of Brazil is in the second place in the list of the dead. A total of 6,622 people have died in Corona in the country. And 20 hundred 14 thousand 736 people have been affected.

The United Kingdom is in third place and at the top of Europe. The death toll in the country is 45,119. The total number of victims is 2 hundred 92 thousand 552 people.

The death toll in Mexico’s Corona rose to 36,564. And a total of 3 hundred 24 thousand 41 people have been infected. In Italy, 35,018 people have died and 2,43,836 have been infected in Corona.

In December 2019, the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China. The country of origin of the virus has so far infected a total of 63,622 people. Of these, 4,634 people have died.

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