Donald Trump has indicated that he will not leave the mattress even if he lose

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Donald Trump has indicated that he will not leave the mattress even if he lose

President Donald Trumps term in the White House has come to an end. The American people will vote for the November 3 presidential election. As a result, the politics of that country is currently busy with surveys and speculations.

Although he did not admit that it would not be easy to retain the masnad, he understood that the Republican candidate and the current President Donald Trump. So, he has indicated that he will not leave the mat even if he loses the election.

Trump gave an interview to Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Journalist Chris Wallace asked Trump directly, Are you trying to imply that you can’t accept the outcome of the election? The result is that now I will not say yes or no, last time I did the same.

I need to understand.
Reacting to Trump’s remarks, his rival Joe Biden said, The American people will decide this election.

By the way, in the United States, the majority of votes are likely to be cast by mail-in balloting, like the postal ballot in Corona. With this in mind, Trump has repeatedly questioned the whole process. Allegedly, there was a conspiracy to lose him in the process.

However, he did not mention any other electoral process.

According to analysts, the failure to deal with the Corona crisis, starting with the wrong foreign policy and the rise of the right wing, the Republican candidate Donald Trump is not getting water.

On the other hand, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has strengthened his position.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, is furious at Trump’s gesture of not leaving the White House. He made it clear that if he did not want to go, he would be chased away like an insect.

2021-05-04 17:07:26

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