China has deployed advanced fighter jets at bases near the disputed border with India

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China has deployed advanced fighter jets at bases near the disputed border with India

China and India have reportedly sent their most advanced fighter jets to their air bases in the disputed Himalayan border region. Tensions are still high in the area.

Commercial satellite images show that two J-20 stealth fighter jets exist at the Hatan air base in China’s western Xinjiang region.

It is the closest Chinese air base to the disputed Aksai Chin region. It is about 320 kilometers (200 miles) from the border.

Tensions at the border have been high since June. This is the deadliest clash between the two countries’ armies in decades in the Galwan Valley between Askai Chin and Ladakh.

Meanwhile, India has deployed five new Dassault Rafale fighter jets in Ladakh, the Hindustan Times reported. That being said, Rafale fighter jets are training at night in the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh.

The two neighbors are trying to stay in a convenient position on the roof of the earth. China is ahead of India in terms of fighter jets. Military experts say China’s single-seat J-20 will do much better in the skies. Because it’s stealth. Eddie can fly with radar evasion and achieve supersonic speeds.

The single and two-seat raffle arrived in India on July 29. These are also not easily visible. These are similar to the ESA J-20. As a result, these aircraft can target many targets simultaneously in any weather.

The raffle match commissioned in 2001 could be 1.6 speed. The range is 1,650 kilometers. And the speed of J-20 can be match 2, the range is 2000 kilometers.

The Himalayan mountains, known as the roof of the earth, can be as high as 6,000 meters. As a result, how high the aircraft can rise is an important issue. Rafale can climb up to 18,000 meters, and J-20 can reach 20,000 meters.

Hong Kong-based military commentator Song Zhongping noted that Chinese stealth aircraft could be deployed alongside other aircraft in the country.

He said the J-20 could be used with other specialized aircraft for various purposes. And as a result, they will be able to complete the mission better.

The Indian Air Force has procured 36 raffles. These will come to India by 2021.

However, the Chinese Air Force did not disclose how many J-20 stealth aircraft it had. However, it is estimated that the number will not be less than 50.

2021-05-04 17:11:30

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