Another 6,000 deaths in the world about 3 million identified

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Another 6,000 deaths in the world about 3 million identified

The deadly corona violence is not stopping all over the world. So that in the last one day about 6 thousand people have lost their lives. The death toll is close to 9 hundred thousand. The virus has been newly identified in the bodies of about three hundred thousand people. Most of them are citizens of the United States, Brazil and India. However, more than two hundred thousand victims have recovered.

According to the regular statistics of the world famous survey organization World Omiter, in the last 24 hours, the corona of 208,229 people of the world has been identified. As a result, the number of infected people stood at 2 crore 6,459,029 people. 5,901 people have died a new. The death toll has risen to 672,523 people.

And 10,853,000 patients have recovered. Of these, more than 21,7000 victims have survived in the last 24 hours.

So far, the virus has been controlled in several European countries and China. However, even if the countries return to normalcy, they are not being completely liberated. There are still more and more infections and deaths every day.

The United States suffered the most in Corona. So far, more than 8,335,000 people have been infected with the virus. 19,100,057 people did not return to the country.

The number of infected people in Brazil has increased to more than 4 million 47 thousand. The death toll has risen to 124,729 people.

Corona has been identified in more than 64,000 people in India, the third-largest South Asian country to be infected. The number of victims has exceeded 39,33,000. The death toll has risen to 6,589.

The number of infected people in Russia is 1 million 10 thousand. Corona has so far killed 16,526 people in the world’s second-largest country.

More than 660,000 affected in Peru. The death toll is 29,405.

More than 641,000 have been identified in Colombia. Of these, 20,618 people died.

The number of infected people in South Africa has crossed 633,000. And 14 thousand 573 people have died.

In the North American country of Mexico, about 618,000 are affected. So far 6,329 people have died there.

The number of infected people in Spain has increased to 470,000. 29 thousand 234 people died there.

Corona has attacked more than 451,000 people in Argentina. 9 thousand 361 people lost their lives.

416,000 infections in Chile. Of these, 11,422 people lost their lives.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East, the victims of corona are 361,000. 21 thousand 928 people lost their lives.

The number of infected people in the UK has exceeded 340,000. Where 41 thousand 528 people have died.

And according to the information given by the Department of Health in Bangladesh, the number of infected people till Thursday was 319,006 people. Of these, 4,373 people lost their lives.

2021-05-04 15:14:51
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