3 Thousand Dollars Attacked in Uzbekista

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3 Thousand Dollars Attacked in Uzbekista

The world is slowly opening up to tourism after a long lockdown. Each country is taking different initiatives to attract tourists. Of these, Uzbekistan offers exceptional opportunities to attract tourists.

If a person is infected with coronavirus while traveling in the country, he will get three thousand dollars (260,000 rupees). Uzbekistan has taken such an initiative to boost the confidence of tourists. The government of this country wants to say that no one will come to our country and get infected with coronavirus.

“We want to reassure tourists about traveling to Uzbekistan,” said Sophie Ibotson, Uzbekistan’s tourism ambassador to the United Kingdom. The government is confident that the new security and hygiene practices in the tourism sector will help avoid tax risks.
Meanwhile, Uzbekistan has launched a campaign titled ‘Safe Travel Guaranteed’.

The government of the country has determined the amount of money mainly considering the medical expenses. It costs three thousand dollars to treat Corona patients there.

To get this facility you must travel with the local tour guide of the country. Guides, hotels and tourist spots must have a certificate from the local government. However, this facility allows Uzbekistan to visit only low-risk countries. China, Israel, Japan and South Korea are among them. However, everyone from the UK and Europe must stay in quarantine for 14 days.

Uzbekistan decided to lock down quickly in mid-March. It also came in handy. Uzbekistan is one of the countries with the lowest number of coronaviruses. The total population is 3 crore 30 lakhs. So far 6,320 people have been infected with corona. Of these, 20 have died.
Uzbekistan is famous for its Silk Road architecture, which is rich in tiles of various designs. Tourist arrivals there have increased tremendously in the last few years. Its main achievement is the visa-free system for tourists from more than 70 countries.

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